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Bare-bones boilerplate for React and webpack projects

tldr; Here it is.

In my endeavours to get to grips with front-end JS development, I did some research and decided to launch into learning React by Facebook. This in turn introduced me to the huge complicated mess that is front-end tooling.

A lot of React tutorials and documentation requires that you use webpack, so that’s my module loader chosen for me. I didn’t fancy using webpack to manage my non-JS...

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ColdFlame - A C# Game Engine

It’s been a few months since I last posted, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on anything! In my last post I mentioned that I was working on a game engine. As of now, it’s at a stage where the basic framework is mostly feature-complete!

Basic, but functional Tada!

ColdFlame is an entity-component driven game engine meant to make adding new features and extending your game...

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Arch Linux derivatives

Arch Linux is by far my favourite distro not least because its rolling-release update system means I’m always running the latest and greatest. However, setting up a graphical desktop system and installing some base apps is boring and tedious work. So whilst installing it onto my Macbook Air (Mid 2013, “6,2”) I decided to forgo that busywork and check out the distros that have done that for me. I’ll be showing you two distros...

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My first Ludum Dare experience

After years of watching Ludum Dare from the sidelines, I decided to enter #32 and here’s what I’ve learnt so hopefully you don’t make the same mistakes. You can view my entry here.

After learning the theme at 2am on Saturday, I took a nap until 9am so I could be refreshed and creative when I woke up. I started working by 10am. Hence my first mistake:

1. Think about your Game...

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Git 2.3 Push to Deploy

Git 2.3 (Release Notes) was released today, bringing some exciting new changes. More importantly, it means an easier way to keep your server updated.

I previously wrote about a way to automagically update your site with changes to a repository. Now as long as your site doesn’t require a build step you can update your site by pushing directly to your webserver.

You can enable this on your server with the following command.


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